Legal consulting services: ads campaigns in Google Ads. First 15 applications in 2 days. 367 applications during the first month of cooperation

Case study

Services were provided by Adburo: ads campaigns management in Google Ads.
Region: Kyiv and Kyiv region. For some services all Ukrainian regions.
Project duration: from September 2022 to the present.
Ads budget: 2000$ per month.
Senior PPC Manager
Max Tarabashchuk
About the client's company
The legal consulting company provides a wide range of services in the jurisprudence area: from alimony payments and documents prepared for a court to road accident problem-solving or receiving inheritance abroad.

The goal was to get around 400 applications per month. This amount could keep employees busy.
Key issues and areas of development:
Перед початком роботи ми виділили кілька основних проблем. Ось кілька з них:
  1. 400 applications per month.
  2. To motivate potential clients to visit the office for a consultation. As the result, a conversion rate would grow.
  3. Create a sales funnel to understand suitable cost per lead and conversion.
  1. To launch results tracking.
  2. To connect dynamic call-tracking.
  3. To prepare a new website structure.
What has been done?
1. Results tracking was set up: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, dynamic call tracking:
All settings were conducted according to our own checklist with more than 50 points. Most of the changes are similar at the start. At the start, it's important to integrate Google Analytics and Tag Manager no matter what ads we set up.
In order not to miss any detail in ads settings, we created a big checklist. By adjusting everything with that list we won't miss anything or make any mistakes.
2. General keywords campaigns. We know that general keywords attract more clicks on ads. General keywords mean phrases like: "Lawyers Kyiv" or "Lawyer consultation" which let us know that lawyer help is needed but without service details. Since our client provides many different services, this approach suit to them.
For our convenience we divided general keywords into two key areas "lawyers" and "jurist". It simplifies to create cross negative keywords and facilitates work of the quality indicator. As the result, it decreases cost per click and increases the profitability of advertising.
3. Non-target leads and decrease of number of appeals. Soon after the start we received a feedback from client that applications were targeted as their questions were suit to their services. But some leads came from other regions of Ukraine. It's possible to work with them but their conversion rate is much lower. That's why we decided to change the way we targeted locations.

It's possible to change locations on a campaign level. Firstly we decided to focus on people who are located in needed area and are interested in it. This enables to get more impressions and is efficient for most of the campaigns.

However, it didn't work for our client, so we decided to show ads for people located in Kyiv and the closest towns and villages.
And it actually worked! All applications started to come from Kyiv and Kyiv region. According to the client's feedback, applications' quality increased but the number of them decreased. It's shown on the screenshot below with data on weekly basis.

In order to increase the number of applications, we regularly checked the search query report, updated negative keywords and ordinary keywords. Also, developed the quality indicator by changing keywords ad groups segmentation, changed advertisements. As the result, we increased the nmuber of applications which is shown on screenshot with the last week below.
4. Increasing the number of applications, and expanding the list of keywords. While working on improving the launched advertising campaigns, we noticed that the popularity of military lawyers has grown. It's obvious due to the war in Ukraine. Also, we decided that lawyers in road accidents could be popular as well since traffic lights aren't working on the roads. After that, we suggested our client increase the budget for these two areas and he accepted it.

In the screenshot below you can see the results of ad campaigns targeted on keywords with military agenda. On the first day after the launch ad campaign brought 10 applications with an average cost $1.49 (56 UAH).
Advertising launch in 2 days only
Due to the issues listed above, our client wanted to start running ads as soon as possible, so we did our best. In the screenshot below you can see "changes history" in Google Ads account. The first change was done on 19th September at 10:37 am:
And on 20th September first 15 applications were received:
Incoming calls' tracking via dynamic call-tracking system
We recommended our client to use a dynamic call-tracking system since our first meeting. There are plenty of different companies which provide these services.

This system enables you to track the exact ad which influenced a user to call your company.

The principle of work is as follows: we rent several different numbers. For example, 5 is enough. When there will be 5 users visiting the website simultaneously, each of them will see different phone numbers. If someone calls a company, in analytics you will see from which advertising the visitor switched.

As I mentioned above, most service-based companies generate applications through phone calls. That's why it's so important to track them.

As for this project, we noticed that phone calls generated 40% of all applications during the first month. Or 150 applications in total.

We assume that the conversion rate and percentage ratio between calls and other applications will grow after we develop a new website for the client.
What could have happened if we hadn't enabled a call-tracking system? - we wouldn't be able to track even half of all applications. As the result, it could lead to us making wrong decisions. For example, in that case, we could have excluded some of the keywords or even the whole ad campaign due to the absence of results. However, results could have been generated through phone calls but we weren't able to track them.
In spite of us starting working in September, we present results for October only due to two key reasons: it's the first full month and we started tracking all results since the end of September including call-tracking.

We have shot 92% of the KPI during the first month: the goal was to generate 400 applications. But it's shown on the screen that there weren't any applications for 2 days at all. The reason was that the client didn't top up the ad account. Otherwise, there would be more applications.

We have been working with this client since September until the present. That's why we haven't reached all the goals and this case study would be updated.
Conclusions and recommendations for the legal services niche
  1. Set up ad campaigns for 2 languages: Ukrainian and Russian. In spite of the fact that 70% of Ukrainians consider Ukrainian as their mother tongue, most search queries are in Russian. But the percentage of Ukrainian searches has been rising for the last months. As the result, given the fact that there're still lots of people searching on Google in Russian, we need to create campaigns and keywords in that language. But so as not to lose a big amount of Ukrainian demand, we need to add Ukrainian keywords to separate ad campaigns as well. We recommend creating different ad campaigns with different languages instead of ad groups because it's easier to manage and optimize them.
  2. Always enable call tracking. Most of the service-based companies' applications come from phone calls. In order not to miss any data, lose budget and potential clients and make correct decisions, it's highly recommended to use dynamic call-tracking services.
  3. If client's company provides a wide range of services, try to focus on creating general keywords. They generate a lot of clicks and can indicate popular types of other services.
  4. Always be aware of trends. Keep tracking events, new laws, or anything else that might encourage people to use your client's services. In our case, it happened with lawyers specialized in military and road accidents.
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